About Us

Hi there, we are the two humans behind That Anime Store, Jess and Fred, and we love everything that has to do with anime (yup we are pretty much otakus...).

We wanted to create a brand where anime could be easily incorporated in your day to day style. We believe that personal style is super-duper important to make you feel happy and unique and we felt like there was a lack of cute anime clothing out there in the internets. For that we created That Anime Store :) 

That anime store logo
We built That Anime Store from our teenie-tiny apartment in Montreal, Canada.
Jess takes care of coming up with kickass designs while Fred takes care of making sure the website stays fly.

Jess LOVES to collect stuff including nail polish, anime figures, makeup and as of recently really cute Amuse plushies. One of her proudest accomplishment is the fact that she can do a cat eyeliner impeccably in under two minutes.

Fred collects merch from Attack on Titan and his favourite character is Mikasa because she's badass and doesn't give a shit. He's an avid board game player and has no problem with games that last 3+ hours. Bring them on! Fun fact about Fred: he loves to have funny prints on his socks. 

Jess’ fave anime : One Punch Man

Fred’s fave anime: Attack on Titan

Jess' Picture in That Anime Store Tee  Fred wearing The Emoji Shirt from That Anime Store