Size & Printing Disclaimer

Our products are not mass-produced like what you may see from large brands. All products are hand printed/emboridered in the USA!

As the saying goes, “No Garment is Perfect.”

Garments are as unique as you and me. Garments are not like other products that are made by machines. Shirts, sweaters, etc, are all sewn together by human hands and it’s because of this Human element that variations in the garments may occur.

For example, two shirts of the same size, may actually be cut and sewn slightly differently causing a slight variations in actual size. We try to inspect each shirt for obvious variations and/or defects due to the garment’s manufacturing, but sometimes these issues slip through our hands. If you receive any garments that you are not 100% satisfied with due to printing problems, rips, holes, or inconsistent seams, please let us know and we will work with you to correct the problem.

All-Over Print Important Disclaimer

Our dye sublimation printing for T-shirts with all over printing is not a cut & sew process. Each one is printed and transferred manually to each garment. Therefore please expect the following in the design:

  • White streaking along the shoulder seams/ sides of the tees
  • Expect to have white streaks under the armpits of the shirts.
white streaks armpits
  • White streaking along the shoulders near the seems

In the end, the garment you'll receive will be unique just like you and the snowflakes! But that's the beauty of it ;)