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Cover Letter Tee

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Jessica Dorval

(514) 929-8138

March 25, 2017

Dear Aly,

I would firstly like to express why I would love to work at Shopify. By doing my research, hearing people around me talk about Shopify and by visiting the office recently, I felt a certain connection with the atmosphere and the environment as well as the people that I was in contact with during my visit. I experienced the culture also while I was building my website ( since I had to work closely with Shopify Customer Service Representatives. I would love to be a part of this fast growing Canadian E-commerce Company and thank you for taking the time to look at my candidacy. 

In 2016 I graduated from McGill University in Human Resources Management, I interned at Bombardier in the Talent Acquisition Department, I created my e-commerce store using the Shopify platform and I have volunteered at the federal government for over four years. I believe I would be a great candidate for the position of Recruiter at Shopify.

During my internship at Bombardier, in a typical day I would go through hundreds of applicants mostly looking at their CVs and Cover Letters as well as doing phone interviews for various positions. My responsibilities were not limited to screening applicants. Communicating was a big part of my job as I was doing so directly with managers and other HR representatives daily. I would handle calls and emails on a day-to-day basis mainly answering inquiries. I completed and filed tax credits for the people who had previously interned saving the company thousands of dollars.

I have recently opened up an e-commerce store ( I learned a lot about using the Shopify platform for building my website. I worked closely with the web developer in creating my website where I learned step by step what goes into creating a website from the client as well as the developer’s perspective. I know the interaction that comes with owning a website. I know how important it is to understand the analytics behind the web traffic as well and how important interaction with customers is. With my online e-commerce store I believe that this makes me an even more viable candidate for the position as I not only have the Human Resource background but knowledge that is very specific to Shopify.  

As for who is Jessica, I love photography. More precisely toy photography. My New Year's resolution was to try and use Photoshop as a means to get better at my craft. I also love everything that has to do with beauty products from skin care to makeup. I started thinking about a job in recruitment since the day I started to volunteer for the Prime Minister Volunteer Award. In this work I would screen candidates who did outstanding volunteer work. The candidates were being screened in the hopes of being awarded the Prime Minister Volunteer Award, an award granted every year to people who did outstanding volunteer work. I was responsible for the first round of screening in the region of Quebec. I discovered how gratifying recruitment was back then.  

Thank you for your consideration,

Jessica Dorva

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